The Culinary Lounge

The Culinary Lounge(TCL) is a first of its kind social culinary hub in India. Breaking all moulds of conventional style food, this highly interactive space is designed to make the art of cooking and baking a social and cultural adventure. A place where every food enthusiast from professional chefs to amateur home cooks can come to showcase their varied styles and expertise and create a unique dining signature each time. TCL is all set to shift the paradigms of social dining along the way. Time to move over normal dinners, experiential dining is here to stay!

What Distinguishes Us?


The Culinary Lounge takes great pride in having a family that is passionate about everything food.

We as a team have a single goal, and that is to serve the best of food experiences to our guests, leaving the taste of dining with us linger on their hearts and minds for a long time. From teaching and learning, to sharing stories of this beautiful expression called food, we at TCL eat, speak, breathe and live food.

With frying pans flying and woks tossing, every single day, we decorate every plate that leaves our kitchen with love


Michelin star chefs, rural chefs or amateur cooks, The Culinary Lounge gives a platform to artists of all sorts and kinds to exhibit their talent.

A one of its kind cooking studio, with an infrastructure that will instigate the desire to cook in you. All you need is a burning passion to create magic with the ingredients of great products, inviting atmosphere and attention to detail, provided by us at TCL.

A theatrical culinary experience for the ones showcasing their art, the ones witnessing it and the ones making it possible.

Every person leaves mesmerized by the brilliance of cooking, enriched in experience.


The Culinary Lounge is a place of celebrations, where we celebrate food, people who cook and the ones who simply love everything about it.

Every single day we honor food and cooking, by making your special occasions our own. We at TCL take your vision of how your festivities need to be and turn that into a reality. Choice of chefs, themes, ambience and décor, everything you wish for is taken care of by us, with great care and precision.

The way we celebrate you, your loved ones and your occasions is what makes dining with us an experience that is larger than life.

You will leave our doors with stomachs full with food of your choice and hearts full of glee.

People Vouch for the Experiences we Deliver!

Our Studio is your space for Edutainment and Experience. Unique and Innovative by all means.

Wow..What a splendid experience at The Culinary Lounge- I am surely going to carry the memory all along, I must say you guys were awesome at what you do…Luck!!

Amanda Lee British Airways

Coporate CookOffs at The Culinary Lounge, Hyderabad was an unmatched experience for our team in Hyderabad. Working with people from a range of diverse cultures and backgrounds, and knowing their Cuisines, on a Cook Off like TCL Organized was truly amazing.

Sam Deloitte, Hyderabad